Thursday, August 7, 2008

Back Home

I have returned home from Australia this week and I finally have found a few minutes to catch up on my reports from abroad. This was my first true trip overseas and I can tell you that I was spoiled rotten from the get go. The People of Melbourne are some of the nicest, most generous, beautiful people I have ever encountered. I only wish I could remember all of the names of people that I came across in this great city. I would like to thank Coops and Adi from the MSF team for making my time at the festival so informative, the gang at the home on argyle for making me feel so welcome, A1one and Stefan for their friendship, Peat Wollaeger for taking the time to show us new guys the ropes, Meri Hietala for showing me the city and teaching me a lot about life, Russell Howze for showing me all of the best stencil spots in town, Phuong and the rest of the guys who patiently spent 2 hours with me in my workshop, All of the reporters and writers who were curious enough to want to interview me about my art, the good folks who came through the festival and made me blush with their flattery, and finally the people of Australia who for the first time in my life actually made me contemplate moving overseas with their generosity and humanity. I know I may sound like I am overstating things, but honestly I am not. This was an experience of a lifetime, and I wish everyone were able to experience Australia. Four days was not nearly enough over there, and I plan to return again one day.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

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BrokenCrow said...

All of this is true.
The people of Melbourne are some of the most kick ass on the planet.